Filmmaker Mikki Willis told FLCCC about his personal journey from liberal activist to producer of what Wikipedia calls a misinformation-promoting “conspiracy theory” video.

“I come from the far progressive left,” Mikki Willis told Dr. Paul Marik in a recent interview. “I could have easily gone and been a member of Antifa… I was becoming very radical. How did they get me? Because I consider myself to be a fairly logical person. I look back on the things they used to say and do, and it’s almost like it was another lifetime.”

Many of us have experienced the same, often unnerving, transformation from one set of beliefs to another and wonder how it happened, and how it happened so fast.

“I’ll tell you how they got me,” Mikki continues. “Because I care… All of this is weaponized compassion.”

He explains that those pushing the narratives he once subscribed to tug at people’s heartstrings and give them an opportunity to do something supposedly meaningful and good for society.

“In the guise of environmentalism and solving racism and gender equality and all these things is a hidden agenda. And that agenda is not benevolent. And that agenda is dividing us as humans, destroying families, destroying everything worth living and dying for really.”

He goes on to say, “We have a crisis of meaning in our life. Most people are living a meaningless life. So, if you give them an opportunity to march in the streets, they don’t really ask questions of what it’s about. And they don’t do enough research because all they know is they want to be connected with a meaningful tribe. They want to be able to put on a face mask so they can virtue signal to other people to say, ‘We’re the good ones. I’m doing something meaningful right now.’”

Unfortunately, Mikki explains, those people are often being led by the very forces they think they are resisting. “I woke up to that as a young activist,” he says. “I was on the road with Bernie Sanders when I woke up to realize I was being used. All the worst genocides of our history would not have been possible if it weren’t for the people that they lured into their cults to do their dirty work.”

Mikki’s latest work, The Great Awakening, partially chronicles his own personal awakening. He hopes the film, which premieres on June 3, will help more people to become aware of what is happening. As a next step, he suggests that people can get involved in local politics or activism and take advantage of “people power” to make necessary changes.

“But at a more spiritual level, it’s really about returning to our humanity. We have been dehumanized, and that’s part of the agenda. And, so, coming back to our humanity… taking off our shoes, walking in the grass, understanding that this planet and this magnificent, brilliant, resilient thing we call nature provides everything that we could possibly need. There’s nothing to learn. There’s only a lot to remember.”

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